VegasDrift @ North American Festival of Speed in Las Vegas, NV (11-5-2011)

The pits are full of trackrats just waiting for the first run-group to go out and kill some grade-A rubber

As if the spotlight from this week’s SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV wasn’t enough to quench the thirst of one’s automotive indulgence, we are blessed with having been able to gorge ourselves at the North American Festival of Speed ( & with VegasDrift ( @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway (

Nicholas Dizon of VegasDrift is conducting the driver’s meeting before the bragging-rights competition begins

For the volunteers and workers @ VegasDrift, this is not the normal 9-5 event where the track set-up is a flurry of cones at the back lot of the LVMS’ Bullring. This course/event was cradled at the inside road-course of LVMS! No fluffy orange conies to soften the blow to your driver’s side quarter panel when you oversteer on the long sweeper, nope! Just gravel and pebbles to make the pimples pop on that newly painted bumper and sideskirts you just picked up last week; thus requiring the drivers to have much more respect in following the exceptional line while making the driver experience that much more fulfilling.

Althought this competition was purely for bragging-rights, there were still give-aways to the winners, including a nice new radiator and handful of motor oil. With oil drum prices reaching a new high every week, you can never have too much oil!

As of typical VegasDrift tradition, there are practice and competition hours, but today was all about bragging rights. No Pro-AM license chasers, no podium photographs, just down to Earth drifting: where skills and tires do the talking = the best slice of the grassroots pie. The crème on that pie is the ability to run for 8 long hours with 15 minute breaks in between sessions to relax, re-hydrate, re-tire, eat and then return. Essentially the only thing stopping you from driving constantly is the number of tires you brought along (since they have on-site tire mounting/swapping) and how long your bladder was willing to hold unless you wanted to pull a bad-dog on your pretty Bride-buckets.

Robert Strohmeyer in his newly acquired S13 giving the track a nice sweep-through during the practice hours, I think he’s warmed up!

In the end of the day, the cool breeze and the warm sun paved the way for a great way to end the Vegas Pro-Am season. There’s nothing better than to burn a perfectly good Saturday, in the glory of stretched tire-barbecues surrounded by the great locals and the track’s hospitality. Until next year’s VD season opener, BNT out!

Brandon Wicknick’s result of attempting to manji the long straight on the inside roadcourse, attempting to troll on the black-M3 trailing close behind him. We later asked how he felt about it, he replies, “Totally worth it!”

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