The heat is on at VegasProAM Round 4 – 2014!

It’s not often that we spend the day outdoors baking like freshly mixed cookie doe, but when we do, its at Las Vegas Motorspeedway; all the while finding additional ways to turn up the heat by scorching perfectly good rubber on a newly-paved race track. As a long-time hardened desert-tan resident, I feel bad for stating to the olive-drab folks that, “this isn’t even that bad”, at least not yet; even though its well above 100 degrees, it really isn’t! The heat doesn’t feel as bad especially when you’re watching some really COOL drifting-action.

I bring up the topic of the heat to make a point that in this weather, its usually the most dedicated drivers and race-teams that will attend to compete with one another. It truly shows the competitive nature and commitment of the drivers (as well as the VegasDrift staff-members working to keep it running). Thus, there’s much respect towards everyone involved.


Cooling issues, transmissions breaking down, general dehydration, are just a few of the things that happens when the heat is truly turned up. Despite this fact, the mood at VPA Round 4 is generally cheerful. I mean, its really hard to look unhappy when you’re about to lay-down rubber on the newly paved LVMS outside-road-course!

When the cars aren’t sliding, at least the cameras are!

A tapped-out transmission doesn’t stop Ethan Hunter and his team including his father doing miracle-machine wonders when they were able to source out another transmission for their big-block V8 during competition-practice. Most impressive!

Dylan Hummel has been competing regularly throughout the season that there’s no shortage of photographs of him and his car on and off-track!

When the hoods come out, the wrenches go in. Luckily there were no catastrophic engine events today, everyone was able to contend with the heat fairly well.

Matthew Dale‘s “Drifting For The Cure” S14 was also on point throughout the day. I remember his car being GOLD, I really like the make-over he gave his race-rig (though I prefer the Zenki-headlights :P).

TC Drift, the crew from Colorado, though I envy their weather right about now, they always bring up the HEAT when they come to Vegas. Their SC-rig is one big smoke and angle factory as you’ll see later in the competition photos.

Daily-KA-turbo S13? Always a thumbs up from me.

Forrest Wang’s Get Nuts Lab‘s cars and STR-wheels are everywhere!

Trenton Beechum’s S14 hailing from Oak Park, CA, with the RED-SUN peering through his fronts.

Dr. Robert Chin, DMD, just recently graduated from UNLV School of Dental Medicine, here in Las Vegas! Before he heads over to his general-rotations in New York, he’s out here giving his Mean-Green S13 a run-through! So proud of this dude!

A few other cool-snaps from the PITS, for I’m beginning to run out of things to write about!

We all like the TUNA here.


Suffice to say, the heat was really TURN’T up when they started the competition. Full-on BEAST-mode were engaged and there’s nothing short of excitement coming from each run.

Yep, that’s a snowboard wing! Removable, so its fully functional, just add bindings and boots!

Them TC-drift dudes really bring out DAT-ANGLE-DOE!

Waylon Deno and Brandon Patterson giving one another a run for their monies!

Here’s a video of that Top-15 Run from Waylon’s GoPro:

Smokies, smokies everywhere!

Just to list who’s who and who’s here: Kasey King, Raymund Berlo, Tommy Suell, Justin Banner, Frank Cundari, Ethan Hunter, Road Boss, Dylan Hummel, Rob Carlsen, George Kiriakopoulos, Cameron Moore, Dino Child, Jr Faber, Matthew Dale, Ernie Fixmer, Blake Olsen, Alex Heilbrunn, Cameron Eisenman… (to be updated as I receive all the names, tag-yourself on Facebook-HERE, its where we will get the names)

At the end of streak-of-heat, Kasey King takes third-place, with Travis Avery taking second, while Brandon Patterson reigns as champion of VegasProAm Round 4, in VegasDrift’s VPA 2014 Series! Congrats everyone!


Yes, its HOT. Its scorchingly hot. But when you’re out here having this much fun, it really doesn’t feel that bad. AMIRITE? Lastly, you should know that the next VegasDrift hosted event will be a NIGHT-EVENT so any heat-complaining will have to be subdued, but do bring extra water! Find out more @

Thank you, we hope to see you at the next one! Follow us on Instagram: @BNTV and Facebook Page + Facebook Profile (Add both! Its where we upload the rest of the images so if you want to see them, you best find us and add-us!).

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Vegas Pro-AM Round 2 Wrap-Up

Wrap-up of 2012 VegasProAM Round 2: (This post is photo-heavy, so please scroll carefully!!)

It’s late in April and the temperature is slowly creeping into the triple digits, just reaching the mid 90’s on this lovely Saturday. A brisk breeze travels from the north reminding us that we have arrived at the transition state between spring and summer. To the participants and spectators at Las Vegas Motorspeedway, there’s only one thing roaming in their minds, Vegas Pro-AM Round 2 is “heating up”.


40 teams and their drivers drop anchor, prepping for battle, for the heat of competition will ensue in a matter of hours and every minute spent practicing the course correlates to confidence gained. Teams hail from all over the west coast and Pacific Rim, from: Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California and even Hawaii. This is most definitely a west-coast affair. Amongst the plethora of competing teams are the highly experienced group of judges, assessing today’s battles: Ernie Fixmer, Mike Bolanos and Odi Bakchis. Also present is Formula-Drift driver, Joon Maeng with his exhibition Lucas-Oil S13 in tow.


The 40 drivers compete their way to the top 16 finalists. Here, Forrest Wang dominates his way through to 2nd place, defeating: Yoshie Shuyama, Alex Villabrille, and another home-town hero, Joshua Guild. Utah’s Brandon Wicknick faces off with Joshua Guild, to take third place overall. Forrest Wang battles Garret Nikolich, also from Hawaii for first place. After numerous heats, Garret Nikolich reign as the contender, taking first place. Both are actually team-members, taking the 1st and 2nd podium. Nikolich and Wang, hailing from Pennsylvania and Hawaii (respectively), now transplanted in Southern Nevada, have built and currently represent their shop: Get Nutz Drift Labs. Garret is now leading the series with 228 series points.


The 2012 Vegas Pro-AM season is still ripe and there are plenty of opportunities for teams to overtake the current leading contenders. Several locals we’re rooting for are: Joshua Guild, Robert Strohmeyer and Mark Tecson, all arose from the grassroots of VegasDrift. We wish them and the many local drivers as well as all the drivers from the west-coast good luck, and we will see you all in: Round 3, June 15-16th, here in the neon-jungle. Just be sure you’re ready, for if the heat doesn’t get you, the competition will. BNT out.


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